Especificaciones del Fabricante - 2071X, Brandt

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MODEL2071X Brandt
Provides a comfortable, efficient means of collecting blood from ambulatory patients. 
Two full length, height adjustable armrests support the arm in the optimum position for venipuncture and prevent back bending of the elbow and subsequent flattening of the vein. 
Armrests are interchangeable, left to right. The drawer may be placed at either side of the chair and the moveable portion angled to either side. 
Drawer Yes
Seat Height 17¼"
Overall Width 37½"
Overall Depth19½"
Seat Wdith17"
Base 27" x 18 ¼
Drawer No
Seat Height 17¼"
Overall Width 28¾"
Overall Depth18"
Seat Wdith27"
Base 27" x 18 ¼
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Silla para extracción de sangre, Brandt , 2071X
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