Especificaciones del Fabricante - CS-2500, Sysmex

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Operational type: continuous random access
Reagent type: open reagent system (liquid, 
lyophilized, reconstituted manually)
Operates on whole blood or spun plasma: spun plasma
Sample handling system: continuous loading capped and 
uncapped 10-tube position primary sample rack × 5
Model type: benchtop
Dimensions (H × W × D): 27 × 30.6 × 35.2 in
Weight: 242.5 lbs
Instrument footprint: 7.5 sq ft
Methodologies supported: clot detection, optical; 
turbidimetric; clot detection, simultaneous 
multiwavelength scanning and PSI checks; 
chromogenic; immunologic
Number of different measured assays onboard simultaneously:60
Number of different assays programmed and calib. at one time:60
Number of user-definable (open) channels:80,000
Of those defined, number active simultaneously:60
Number of reagent containers onboard at once/Tests per container/Reagents refrigerated onboard 40/up to 200/yes (10°C ± 2°C)
Multiple reagent configurations supported: yes
Reagents, consumables loaded without interrupting testing: yes
Same capabilities when third-party reagent used: yes
Maximum time same lot number of reagents can be used: 1 year
Walkaway capacity: Number of specimens/Number of tests 50/up to 500
Minimum sample volume aspirated precisely at one time 5 µL
Standard specimen volume required to run PT or PTT/ Factor VIII activity:50 µL/—
Primary tube sampling supported/Pierces caps on primary tubes: yes (1–4.5 mL)/yes
Sample barcode reading capability: yes
Reagent barcode reading capability: yes
Onboard test automatic inventory: yes
Measures No. of tests remaining/Short sample detection: yes/yes
Clot detection as preanalytical variable in plasma sample: yes
Auto. detects adequate reagents for aspiration and analysis: yes
Hemolysis/Turbidity detection-quantitation: yes/yes
Dilution of patient samples onboard: yes
Automatic rerun capability/Auto reflex testing capability: yes/yes
Lag time during which hypercoagulable sample not detected: yes (PT: 7 seconds; PTT: 15 seconds)
Read time extended for prolonged clotting times: yes (selectable on menus)
User can set different-than-standard:
• Reagent volumes/Sample volumes: yes/yes
• No. and sources of reagent: yes
• Incubation times/Reading times: yes/yes
Autocalib. or autocalib. alert/Multipoint calib. supported: yes/yes
Auto shutdown/Auto startup programmable: no/no
Stat time to complete all analytes/Throughput per hour for:
• PT alone - 6.5 minutes/180 results
• PT, PTT - 6.5 minutes/180 results
• Fibrinogen - 6.5 minutes/—
• Factor VIII activity assay —
Time delay from ordering stat to aspiration of sample: 1 minute
Automatic transfer of QC results to LIS yes
Data-management capability: onboard (includes QC: L-J plots and Westgard multirules)
Interfaces in active user sites for: most major vendors
Bidirectional interface capability: yes (broadcast download and host query)
Results transferred to LIS as soon as test time complete: yes
LOINC codes transmitted with all results: no
Electronic interface available (or will be) to automated (or robotic) specimen handling system: no
Modem servicing: no
Time required for maintenance by lab personnel: daily: <6 minutes; weekly: 1 minute; monthly: <1 minute
Onboard maintenance records: yes
Approximate number of training hours needed per tech: 6
Distinguishing features (supplied by company): confidence: simultaneous multiwavelength detection and PSI technology designed to ensure high-quality first-run results; operational efficiency: user-friendly software on Windows 7 and tilted reagent vials for maximum efficiency; consistency: for multisite patient monitoring, with sample result traceability for in-depth audit capabilities
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Analizador Hematológico para Punto de Atención, Sysmex, CS-2500
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