Especificaciones del Fabricante - Samaritan AED 002, Heartsine

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Samaritan AED 002

ElectrodesSolid gel
Conductive area100 cm
Shelf life2 years
Battery used (POWER NEEDED)LiMnO2 (1)
Integral/removable (DEFIBRILLATOR)Remove/5 yr shelf life
Charging method (ELECTRODES)Rechargeable and nonrechargeable (disposable)
Charge time, hr (ELECTRODES)2
Duration (ANALYZER)12 hr ECG monitoring minimum, 120 x 200 J shocks (new battery)
DIMENSIONS (HXWXD), CM (IN) (DETECTION PROCESS, HR)20.5 x 25.8 x 6 (8.1 x 10.2 x 2.4)
WEIGHT, kg (lb) (DISPLAY)1.8 (4)
Type (CONFIGURATION)Semiautomatic
Manual override (DEFIBRILLATOR)Optional
Voice prompting (DEFIBRILLATOR)Yes
# of prompts available (DEFIBRILLATOR)38
Energy sequence, aed mode, j (DEFIBRILLATOR)100, 150, 200, or as set in protocol
Energy settings, manual mode, j (DEFIBRILLATOR)Optional
Protocol configured (DEFIBRILLATOR)Yes
Output waveshape (DEFIBRILLATOR)Biphasic truncated exponential
Ecg/voice recording (RECORDING)Automatic to removable battery
Capacity, min (RECORDING)60 voice, 12 hr ECG
Playback (RECORDING)SAVER Windows PC software
Auto/manual (ANTECHAMBER)Auto
Segment analyzed, sec (ANALYSIS)5
Analysis time, sec (ANALYSIS)42005
V tach rate threshold, bpm (ANALYSIS)180 (multiparameter)
Vf amplitude threshold, mv (ANALYSIS)150 V
Solid-state memory (DATA COLLECTION)Integrated in Data Pak battery
Stored data (DATA COLLECTION)Continuous ECG, voice, event data, device status
Capacity, min (RECORDING)720
Event record database storage (DATA COLLECTION)Yes
Data processing software (DATA COLLECTION)Yes
Ecg input (MONITOR)Defibrillation electrodes
Monitor with ecg electrodes (MONITOR)Optional
ECG display (MONITOR)
Type (CONFIGURATION)High-resolution backlit LCD
Message display (MONITOR)
Type (CONFIGURATION)High-resolution backlit LCD
Hr display (SCAN DISPLAY)Yes
Gain, mm/mv (Message display)Autogain
OTHER ATTRIBUTES (Interference compensation)1-2-3 operation; large 12.5 cm (5 in) diagonal display; readiness indicator with self-tests; rugged rubberized case; IPX4 splashproof; Intelligent Battery System; carrying case and mounting support system optional.
FDA CLEARANCE (Interference compensation)Yes
CE MARK (MDD) (Interference compensation)Yes
MARKETING REGION (Interference compensation)Worldwide
Full AutomationNo
Full AutomationNo
Full AutomationNo
Full AutomationNo
Full AutomationNo
Full AutomationNo
Full AutomationNo
Full AutomationNo
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Desfibrilador, Externo, Automatizado, Heartsine
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