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Especificaciones del Fabricante - OP-2, Shin-Nippon

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MODELShin-Nippon OP-2
Objective lensf=175
Eye Piece10X
Total Magnification 2.6X, 4.1X, 6.4X, 10X, 15.8X
Effective visual fieldx69/44/28/18/11.4 mm
Interpupillary-distance adjustable range52~78mm
Working Distance158mm
Illumination field diameterx48mm
Filter Catathermic filter, green filter
Illumination rampAC15V 150W (lightguide use)
Floor stand, Arm
Stand vertical movements350mm
Arm vertical movementsIt is +/- 200mm from a level location
1st arm swing range300 degrees
2nd arm swing range280 degrees
Horizontal swing range of Microscope280 degrees
Vertical motorized fine focusing movement of microscope36mm
Speed of vertical motorized fine focusing movement2mm/s
Common matter
Supply voltage AC 100~240V
Dimension640(W) x 640 (D) x 1,450(H)

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Microscopio, Operacional, Shin-Nippon, OP-2
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