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Tipo de ítem: Sistema completo
Categoría: Imagenología
Dispositivo: Sistemas de Scanning, Ultrasonido, Portátil
Fabricante: BK Medical
Modelo: Mini Focus 1402
Condición: Restaurado - visualmente restaurado
Año de fabricación: 2005 (año estimado)
Ubicación: Estados Unidos
Disponibilidad: Inmediato
Cantidad: 1 disponible
Precio de unidad: 5,800.00 USD
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Descripción del ítem
BK Medical Mini Focus 1402 PORTABLE Ultrasound & 8670 4-12 MHz Probe Transducer. Perfect Image. See Evaluation Report. 30 Day Warranty.

Original MSRP $36,500.00. Previously Certified by BK in 2016. Entire system looks near new and has been thoroughly evaluated by Sentinel Imaging Inc. Please see sample images above. System is complete with manuals for the system and BK 8670 Probe.

1x BK Medical Mini Focus Portable Ultrasound, MN#: 1402, S/N: A6B201300000247
2x Covers
1x Type 8670 Probe in Case
S/N: 1869727
4x High Density Paper Rolls, MN#: K65HM-CE
1x Hard Cleaning Sheet, Shipping Box Included
3x User Guides
Est Dimensions: 24x25x16- Boxed
Used Cosmetic Condition: Good

Total # of Pieces: 12 (Includes only what is shown in the photos of the actual item.)

MPN: 1402

Est. Total Weight: 45.00 lbs


“Combined with a range of innovative transducers, the Mini Focus fills a need in the market for a color ultrasound package that is portable, affordable, and versatile. It will open new application areas for key segments of the ultrasound market”

B-K Medical, a wholly owned subsidiary of Analogic Corporation (NASDAQ: ALOG), today announced the launch of the Mini Focus, a high-performance portable, color ultrasound system.

Weighing only 12.6 kg, the Mini Focus features high-quality color imaging using the latest technology in signal processing and a system referred to as "fully digital beamforming". The Mini Focus also offers color Doppler scanning and tissue harmonic imaging.

The Mini Focus can accommodate a range of B-K Medical transducers. Compatible with the 8667 endfire transducer, the Mini Focus is the only portable ultrasound scanner on the market boasting a dedicated prostate transducer and biopsy attachment. Used with the new high-frequency 8670 linear transducer, the scanner provides sharp images in the near field for small-part scanning.

"Combined with a range of innovative transducers, the Mini Focus fills a need in the market for a color ultrasound package that is portable, affordable, and versatile. It will open new application areas for key segments of the ultrasound market," said Michael Brock, B-K Medical's Managing Director.

In areas such as the United States and Germany, where office urology is well established, urologists can use the Mini Focus to expand into the diagnosis of diseases associated with impotence, incontinence, and the kidney. For example, the color Doppler feature, combined with the 8670 linear transducer, means that urologists can now offer penile Doppler examinations.

In other regions, the general ultrasound market will benefit from a package that includes high-quality abdominal, musculoskeletal, breast, cardiac, small-part, and vascular transducers from B-K Medical. In emergency medicine, the ease of use and compact size of the Mini Focus are key advantages. The color Doppler feature, combined with B-K Medical's excellent abdominal transducer, will help emergency personnel quickly and clearly see pooling of blood, and blunt trauma to the kidneys, liver, and spleen.

An easy-to-use internal archiving system allows the user to save and replay images on the Mini Focus hard drive. A built-in USB port means that portable memory stick devices can be used to quickly save images from the Mini Focus to a standard computer, from which they can be e-mailed to colleagues.

Linear Array 8670 Probe Description:
Quality, Versatility, and Convenience in One Transducer
Small part, musculoskeletal and vascular scanning. The 8670 supports a number of ultrasound applications, such as small part, breast, orthopedics, rheumatology, and sports medicine.
Easy switching between near and far views
Very high image detail
Excellent choice for penile Doppler and testis
Optimized for small part, musculoskeletal and vascular scanning
Small part
Penile Doppler
Peripheral vascular
Interventional procedures

Applications Interventional Procedures, Musculoskeletal, Pediatric, Peripheral Vascular, Small Parts, Urology
Frequency Range 12 - 4 MHz
Contact Surface 45 x 14 mm
Scanning Modes B, M, CFM, Doppler, Tissue Harmonic Imaging
Weight 130 g
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